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Posted on August 18, 2009
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In the case you are already convinced with the potentials of business blogs for marketing and targeting sales increase, your company is now ready to start blogging. But first, you need to keep in mind that you have to be in tune with your company’s business objectives and decide if blogging will really assist you attain your purpose.

1. Numerous blogs are dedicated to teaching people the do’s and don’ts of blogging, READ them! Include in your reading materials blogs that are consumer-based too to give you an idea.

2. Setup several test blogs without delay.

In order to provide you with more information and so better understanding of the subject there is a need to mention that in the case your initial try out with blogs worked well, you can now start setting up your blogs.

1. Consider blog design. Blog hosting services provide pre-designed templates. But if you decide on paid blog service, you can ask your artist to design and layout your blog site to match the company’s identity and needs.

2. Pick a topic. Its good to have a line-up of topics you want for your blogs but be confident they are in consonance with your business objectives. This would be a test of your flexibility and open-mindedness since results may be going against the set objectives.

3. Remember the next safety actions in blogging:
– legal issues are from time to time involved in blogging; it is safer to include disclaimers and limitations of liabilities;
– corporate communication and legal department are responsible in educating the senior management on how blogs might affect business;
– make blogging policies; set limits on who gets to blog and what information are allowed to be made public;
– prevent absolute marketing blog or you will shy away your readers;
– make content updated, appropriate and fresh;
– reinforce the company’s core values; and,
– encourage employees to use it.

4. Begin blogging and complete 20 posts before going to marketing.

5. Begin marketing.

6. Regularly examine the coming ins and outs of readers and get updates. Next, measure your results.

7. Change if needed. You can always play with your designs in the blog site as long as it remains to match the company’s identity.

8. Strive to be consistent with your topic all the time.

9. Attempt to have unrelated topics with common and broad appeal.

10. Schedule updates regularly. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday would be best to update blogs.

To conclude it all it should be added that once you have done all these things, you can now ultimately enjoy the benefits of business blogging.

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