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Posted on April 19, 2009
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How can you create attention from visitors with your article? There are at least eight types of articles that if you apply these strategies to them you can guarantee they’ll get attention.

In this article, we’ll highlight what they are and you should bookmark these article marketing tips for future reference. Each of the types of article we mention can become a visitor magnet like nothing you’ve experience before.

In fact, you could conceivably take one article and re-write it around each of the following strategies and get eight times the attention than you would just writing it once.

Portal Feeder Article Marketing Tips

Top Ten Lists

People love top 10 or top 7 or top 15 lists. They love a list because it suggests they don’t have to scroll through a maze of bunched up copy to find what they’re looking for. In fact, by using “The Top 10″ hook, it seems to convey that the article will be an easy read and the solutions will be laid out for them one by one. Try it and see if it makes a difference to your article marketing.

Myths And Secrets

Myths and secrets is popular because people love a secret. Don’t you? If a title starts with “The Secret To…” doesn’t that more often than not, just want to make you know what the secret is? It’s something this author often can’t resist taking a peek at.

Easy Ways Or Reasons

People are always looking for a shortcut to their problems. Just take the internet marketing field. People just want to know the quickest way to becoming successful and are continually on the lookout for the shortest route possible. That’s why articles title with either “Easy” or “Reasons” get plenty of mileage.


Tips articles are proven winners. But there is a trick to making them more effective and that means highlighting both the problem and solution in your title like this…”7 Ways To Guarantee A Lower Power Bill.” All you have to make sure of is providing the information you’ve promised in the title.

How To Articles

How to articles are not as high on the list as they once were but are still very effective. The fact that many now use how to articles may have taken the edge off their effectiveness a bit. Many inexperienced internet marketers miss the mark with them and you’ve got to remember, you’ll make an impact with how to articles by creating and solving the problem in the title.


Amazingly, reviews are still massively underutilized. Review articles are popular for the simple fact that you can get them ranking well when you attach the word review to a specific product or service. Your article can act as a conduit between the searcher and vendor and if you focus your reviews on more targeted products the more chance the searcher has of landing on your page.

Interactive Articles

Interactive articles are very powerful and while you shouldn’t over use them, they are perfect for shock value. In other words, you are creating a problem and then offering a test to see if they have it. It’s funny how human nature behaves. Most times you wouldn’t give something a second thought but when you see a title like…”Your Life Could Be In Danger…Take Our Quick Test To Find Out!”

Truth Articles

Truth articles are great and in many ways, in a similar vein to review articles. People looking for some confirmation on a product or service and suddenly see them attached to a headline which says “The Truth About PortalFeeder’s Membership Fee” are going to want to take a look if that’s what they are searching for. And again, the more specific you can be with the use of the truth tag the better your results will be. In other words, use it on targeted products or services.

Portal Feeder 3.0 will be re-opening the doors shortly and if you want to be kept in the loop about when it re-opens and what you need to do then is get on the Portal Feeder sign up list and look out for more great tips like the ones above.

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